Try Guys Test Craziest 5-Minute Crafts

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Enjoy this chaotic reunion! We're back in the studio and we're putting some of the craziets 5-minute crafts and DIY hacks to the test! Get our Color Cloud Tie-Dye tees and hoodies today!
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  • I nearly fell of my chair when Eugene said, "Baclackava?" which sounds like "Bakla ka ba?" WHICH MEANS "ARE YOU GAY" IN TAGALOG IM ROLLINGGGG

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  • 40 minutes is right thought... 8 crafts 1 craft = 5 minutes 8 crafts x 5 minutes = 40 minutes

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  • 17:58 the best part of all the video X'D !!! Love Ned and all the guys ofcourse

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  • got the editing on this video is not great.

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